Bow-wows & Meows

Puppy & Elderly Dog Care

Bow-wows & Meows offer puppy and elderly dog visits which are specialized to the needs of puppies and older dogs that need regular care and attention throughout the day.

The early years of a puppy’s life are the most important and ideally the puppy should be exposed to a wide range of experiences, noises, animals and people as soon as possible in order to develop a well-adjusted adult dog. Ultimately, a well socialized puppy is more likely to result in a confident, sociable, contented adult dog. Daily visits can also help with house training, as proper house training requires a regular routine of breaks for your puppy.

Bow-wows & Meows can visit your puppy for feeding playtime, toilet breaks and early socialization.

When your puppy has had its full vaccinations, making use of our Dog Walking or Home Boarding services are ideal ways in which to socialize your puppy and get them used to the big wide world.

For elderly dogs our visits will include a short walk close to home and some care and companionship throughout the day.